Sunday, November 30, 2008

fire up the glue guns

Ah, yes, a happy crafter. Peyton likes to sniff the ball before she winds it up.
We all gathered 'round the crafting table to wind balls of yarns to make a wreath for our front door. I chose a palette of yarns and explained that I was striving for festive but not garish. They all nodded and picked up their tools (my son was in charge of the glue guns).
I don't usually go all Martha on them, but when I saw baby blue and blackin the same hand about to be wound around the same ball, I harumphed a loud harumph. The hand dropped one color and went about wrapping a plain ball.
But a smaller set of hands was wrapping glittery stuff in patterns around a ball -- not what I had in mind. I sighed a sighed and let it go.
It's not my wreath. It's our wreath.
A glue gun injury put one of us out of the game:

but the rest of us kept winding and gluing. I have great hope that this:

[Imagine here a partially finished wreath which I will post as soon as Blogger lets me]

will soon be on the door.

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Beverly said...

Can't wait to see the finished wreath. That's a great crew you have there at the house - peyton included. Love the blog! And the birds - oh my!